Aluminum Wiring Rejuvenation in North Scottsdale, AZ

Aluminum Wiring Rejuvenation in North & West Valley

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Aluminum wiring can be a fire hazard wherever the wire is spliced or makes a connection with an outlet, switch, circuit breaker or other component of an electrical system. Another reason aluminum wiring is such a fire hazard is because it shrinks and expands depending on the temperature. These changes to the aluminum wires can result in overheating, sparks and fires. Due to such safety risks, only copper wiring has been used for electrical systems since the late 1970s.

As a homeowner, you have two options when it comes to aluminum wiring. The first option, most recommended, is to replace your aluminum wiring with copper wiring. The second option is to rejuvenate the aluminum wiring connections.

Aluminum Wiring Replacement

Our North Scottsdale and Glendale, AZ electricians can replace your aluminum wiring with copper wiring throughout your entire house. This is the most recommended because this is the safest approach. When we rewire your house we do it at your convenience. We will work room by room so you are not out of your house, and so your entire home is not out of power.

Aluminum Wiring Rejuvenation

This is the more cost-effective way, but not as safe as rewiring with copper wiring. Aluminum wiring rejuvenation would entail installing a small piece of copper wire to the aluminum wire and terminate the copper wire portion of the cable to the device.

Aluminum wiring can create many headaches for homeowners nowadays, whether it is having to deal with insurance companies mandating it to be brought up to current safety standards, or having to deal with the continual burnouts and circuit failures. Eavenson Electric Co. is here to help you. Without experience and knowledge, we can inspect your home and bring it up to wiring standards. Our goal is to make your home safe today.

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Our Aluminum Wiring Replacement Provides the Following Services

  • Aluminum Wiring Rejuvenation
  • Aluminum Electrical Wiring
  • Aluminum House Wiring
  • Copper Wiring
  • Aluminum Wiring Replacement
  • Aluminum Wiring
  • Aluminum Wiring Repair
  • Anodized Aluminum Wire
  • Electrical Rewiring
  • Home Rewiring
  • Electrical Upgrades
  • Electrical Troubleshooting

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