Ask Your Electrician in North Scottsdale, AZ About Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation

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Carbon monoxide (CO) is a potentially deadly gas typically associated with emissions from car and lawn mower engines, but it is also produced by other systems and equipment. Colorless, and with no defining odor or taste, carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas responsible for the deaths of about 400 Americans each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with about 20,000 visiting the E.R. for treatment.

For these reasons, if your home or business building uses fuel such as natural gas or propane as a source of power, then you should have an electrician in North Scottsdale, AZ install carbon monoxide detectors that function properly.

Additionally, it is important that you take inventory of the carbon monoxide detectors in your home, as well as monitor battery life to assure each device is working right. This winter, prevent the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning by learning what symptoms to watch for and the benefits of CO detectors.

Carbon monoxide and its symptoms

The winter months bring about the higher use of combustible appliances that run on fuels like gas, propane, kerosene and oil, as well as burning wood, coal and charcoal. While these types of fuels are popular choices for powering home heating elements during cold winter days and nights, carbon monoxide is a silent killer, a hazard created when the mentioned fuels only partially burn off. Know the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning to protect yourself and your family this winter (and all year round):

  • Common symptoms of low to moderate carbon monoxide poisoning mimic the flu. It is because of this that poisoning side effects often go misdiagnosed, which is scary.
  • Someone suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning can experience headaches without running a fever, an uncomfortable level of dizziness, nausea, physical and mental fatigue and trouble breathing normally.
  • Exposure to a higher volume of carbon monoxide will result in poisoning symptoms developing at a rapid pace and becoming more severe. A person is likely to suffer from irrationality and mental confusion, vomiting, a loss of control over their body and eventually the loss of consciousness. The tragic end result of a high-level carbon monoxide poisoning is death.

Carbon monoxide detectors and their benefits

When carbon monoxide detectors and alarms are properly installed and maintained, and their batteries replaced on time, they save lives. If you rent a place with older model detectors, ask the landlord to replace them with new ones. If you own your home, purchase new detectors for your home as a gift to you and your family. The biggest benefit that detectors offer is an early warning alert should carbon monoxide gas become present inside your house.

Simply knowing you’ll be alerted is comforting, but there are other precautions to take in order to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in your home. Get an expert’s opinion—call in the professionals to inspect household appliances such as heating units and water heaters that are powered by fuels including natural gases and propane, and place CO detectors in their vicinity.

For carbon monoxide device installation and testing, and to inquire about regular checkups and services for certain home appliances, contact a trusted local electrician in North Scottsdale, AZ. The team at Eavenson Electric Co would be glad to help ensure your family stays safe this winter and all year long with effective carbon monoxide detectors.

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