Talk to Your North Scottsdale Electrician About Converting to LED Lighting in Your Home

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At this point, pretty much everyone is familiar with what LEDs are—they’re used just about anywhere these days and the technology that comes with them has gradually become a staple in our everyday lives, including LED TVs and the like. At this point, the biggest thing in LEDs is converting your home’s lighting and fixtures to LED bulbs.

Now, most people won’t care one way or another about upgrading to LED lights until they go to the store and attempt to buy a bulb or two—when they see that the cost of LED bulbs can be as much as $30+ for a single bulb, they’ll usually turn tail and run in the other direction, back to regular ‘ol florescent bulbs. But, what these folks might not realize is that LED bulbs are absolutely worth the upfront cost and they’ll end up paying for themselves in a number of ways.

Don’t believe us? Talk to your North Scottsdale electrician about any of the exceptional benefits that LED lighting has to offer, listed below:

  • Customization: Do you prefer a soft orange glow from your lights or a cool blue hue? Do you wish you could adjust the color and brightness of your home’s lights depending on the time of day or the season? LED lighting makes this possible! In fact, with the advent of smart LED bulbs, you can even adjust your lighting from your smartphone with the press of a few buttons! Florescent bulbs don’t even come close to offering this technology.
  • Longevity: Wondering why the cost per LED light bulb is so high? Simple: you can expect your LED bulb to last 1000x the life of a compact florescent bulb! Florescent bulbs usually get by on 3k to 5k hours of operation; LED bulbs have no trouble exceeding 30k to 50k of use time. You may be paying a bit more at the register for LED bulbs, but you’re definitely getting your money’s worth over time.
  • Efficiency: The wattage that LED lights draw can be up to half of what traditional florescent bulbs will draw, making them an energy efficient option on top of everything else. Where you might use a 60w incandescent bulb fixture or a 13w compact florescent bulb fixture, you can instead use a 6w LED bulb fixture! The cost savings over the course of a year from retrofitting your home’s lighting fixtures to an LED standard is tremendous when you add it all up!
  • Light dispersing technology: Thanks to the technology that powered LED bulbs and fixtures, light can be dispersed far more effectively throughout a room, leading to the need for fewer fixtures and creating a more encompassing lighting aesthetic.

Now, there are some costs that come with upgrading your home’s lighting fixtures to make them compatible with LED bulbs, but again, these upfront costs are offset tremendously by the variables listed above and more over time. It’s important to consider LED bulbs as an investment in convenience, efficiency and quality of life for your home.

If you’re interested in learning more about what needs to be done to bring the benefits of LED lighting into your home, consult with a North Scottsdale electrician today about having your home assessed and retrofitted for LED lighting capabilities.

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