The Need for Electric Car Charging Stations is on the Rise!

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Electric cars are not a new concept—they’ve actually been around since the early 1900s! It’s only recently, however, that they’ve received widespread attention and a good dose of modernization to become not only viable vehicles, but largely in-demand by consumers. Brands like Tesla with its new Model 3, Nissan with its Leaf or Chevy with the Volt have combined style and affordability with sustainable concepts to create successful additions to the car market.

But with all of these new electric cars and a surging interest in sustainable vehicles, there comes a big problem… where are people going to charge their vehicles? You can’t exactly drive on down to the gas station to plug your electric car in and pay the cashier for electricity instead of gas!

The answer to “where do I charge it” all comes down to wherever charging ports are installed—which is usually in a person’s garage or in public garages. And herein lies another problem: not all electricians in North Scottsdale, AZ understand how these installations work and what needs to be done to properly install them!

Eavenson Electric Co is proud to have extensive experience when it comes to the installation of car charging stations. In fact, we’ve helped numerous electric vehicle owners install, troubleshoot and even repair their personal garage chargers. We’re also the number one choice for installations in public spaces—in parking garages, at dealerships and in special communal spaces. Simply put, when it comes to electric car accommodations, we’re the local leaders!

As newer and more exciting electric cars roll out of concept and into production, places like Scottsdale, Glendale and Phoenix will start to see more and more models on the road. And—you guessed it—with more models on the road comes the need for more charging stations, both at home and in public.

What else does the future hold? Picture a “charge station” that’s similar to a gas station, only with electricity. Consider charging ports along Arizona’s major highways, eliminating the prospect of running out of gas between destinations. And, let’s not forget neighborhood charging stations at workplaces, schools and apartment buildings!

At the end of the day, all of this adds up to a major demand for electricians in North Scottsdale, AZ who understand the technology, how it works and how to successfully navigate its many intricacies. Eavenson Electric Co looks forward to helping the Valley of the Sun become the “Valley of Electric Vehicles” in the coming years and we’re here to make sure that the electric car revolution is supported in our local metropolitan areas.

If you’re a homeowner who’s purchasing a new electric vehicle and who needs a charging port installation, or if you’re a commercial building owner who’s looking to stay ahead of the trend with a charging port installation, don’t trust just any electrician. Make sure you’re calling Eavenson Electric Co for a seamless installation, done right, by trained professionals who understand exactly what they’re doing.

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