Tesla Car Chargers: What They Are and How They’re Installed

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The beauty of owning a Tesla is never having to worry about going to the gas station ever again. Nevertheless, your Tesla needs fuel: electricity. Charging your Tesla can take a really, really long time if you’re just using a standard electric outlet. In fact, it can take up to 90 hours to get a full charge from a wall outlet.

When your Tesla is finally charged, nearly four days after you’ve plugged it into the wall outlet, you’ve spent just as much money on electricity as you would spend to fill up at the gas station. The key to successful Tesla-ownership is having a home Tesla charger.

What is a home charger?

Instead of waiting days for a fully charged car, a home charger will allow you to charge it overnight, just like you (probably) do with your cell phone. It works by getting more power from your home to the car’s battery. Instead of just getting a trickle of electricity from a standard outlet, the home charger will basically provide a flood of energy from the charger to your battery. This flood of energy will be able to fully charge your car in eight hours or less.

How a home charger installed?

First of all, a Tesla car charger can only be installed by a north Scottsdale electrician. After the electrician has determined that your home’s electrical system can handle the extra necessary power that a home charger requires. The electrician will do this by doing a load calculation of all the existing circuits in your home.

After your electrician obtains the necessary building permits, installation work can begin. The unit should be installed in your garage near where you park your car. The installation process is fairly simple for a trained electrician and should only take a few hours to complete. The electrician will attach the unit to a 100-amp circuit breaker in your garage and then ensure the wires are all connected properly to the electrical source.

Why do I need a home charger?

To put it simply, you need a home charger if you want to get the most out of your new car! There’s no point in waiting a long, long time to get a fully charged car. Since a home charger can charge your car up in eight hours, you can leave it plugged in overnight. Electric companies usually charge less for power during the night time so night time charging will save you a lot of money in the long run. What a great deal!

In addition, your Tesla lets you set a time to begin charging each night. So, you can go to bed and rest assured that your home charger will begin charging at midnight or whenever electricity is the cheapest.

When you decide to get the most out of your Tesla, hire a north Scottsdale electrician to install a home charging station. Contact us at 480-296-0721 for a home power inspection and installation consultation.

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