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Homes contain more electronics than ever. You likely have multiple computers, tablets or smart phones charging in every outlet, and that’s not to mention your media devices like Blu-ray and streaming players. These valuable items, as well as your appliances, could all benefit from whole home surge protection. Here is why you should contact your electrician in North Scottsdale, AZ for an installation estimate on this vital feature today:

  • Lasts through multiple incidents: Plugging your devices into a conventional surge protector is a good idea if you do not have surge protection installed in your home. However, they will only last through one surge, and then you have to replace them. When you have surge protection installed throughout your home, it will stand up through multiple incidents. Since most surges are generated by residents and not weather events, this adds reassurance.
  • Protect vulnerable electronics: LED light fixtures have their own circuit boards, as do the bulbs themselves. Washers, dryers, dishwashers and other common appliances also contain computer technology that make them more advanced than their predecessors. But they are also more vulnerable than models that did not offer this technology. With these new advances, whole home surge protection becomes a necessary reality.
  • Protection is everywhere: Plug-in surge protectors only work for the items connected to them. While many people realize a computer or media system requires a surge protector, they may not consider the same for air conditioning units or washers and dryers. These appliances run on their own circuits, but when there is a surge, they will push additional surges back through the home. Anything not in a surge protector will get fried. If you add whole home surge protection, this possibility goes away.
  • Double-layered protection: Whole home surge protection protects the interior wiring and anything plugged into it. Plug-in surge protectors will protect devices, but will not keep the surge from damaging your interior wiring. It is possible for your electrical system to get damaged but for your appliances to remain fine. Meanwhile, you still have to pay to have your entire home re-wired.
  • Options: Whole home surge protection is rated up to 80kA. An electrician determines the level of protection you required based on the frequency of lightning in the area and the types of devices and appliances you own. Surges over 10kA are rare, but sometimes it is better to err on the side of overkill. This is especially true if you work from home and require functioning electronics.
  • Costs less than you expect: The price of whole home surge protection definitely beats the expense of re-wiring, appliance replacement and buying new devices. Even if your homeowner’s insurance covers the damages, it still takes time to repair wiring and replace items. Prevention reduces the possibility of trouble and maintains your peace of mind.

If you need to hire an electrician in North Scottsdale, AZ for whole home surge protection, contact Eavenson Electric Co. today. You will enjoy the reassurance that comes with knowing you will not lose devices or appliances to power surges.

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