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If there is anything to keep off the do-it-yourself radar, it is installing that new ceiling fan you just purchased. While ceiling fans offer new avenues in efficiency, if they are installed improperly, you will likely enjoy none of the benefits. Rather than take on this awkward and fussy chore yourself, hire it out to a skilled electrician and know it is installed right the first time. Here is why you should call us for your next ceiling fan installation in North Scottsdale, AZ:

  • Meeting code requirements: Your ceiling fan needs the right connections to function. It also needs to be fixed into the ceiling so it does not shake itself loose and cause an indoor disaster. Beyond these two basic necessities, the wiring is also required to meet code. This is especially true if you are installing multiple ceiling fans in your home, as that may increase the power load just enough that other adjustments are required. Keeping up with codes is important for insurance coverage, so this is definitely not an area to ignore.
  • Get the most cost-saving benefits: Since ceiling fans only use as much power as one 100-watt bulb, there is no doubt that they air circulation they offer leads to cost savings. Temperatures are easier to control with good airflow, so your HVAC system will never have to work as hard again. However, faulty connections, hasty decisions done out of frustration and failure to set the fan correctly can eliminate these benefits. When we install your ceiling fan, we use our skill and expertise to help it contribute to energy efficiency in your home to the fullest extent.
  • Ability to adjust: There can be unexpected developments in ceiling fan installation, especially if you choose a spot where there is no light fixture or other connection. Unless you have a background in wiring houses, making these adjustments in a safe or functional manner will be difficult. When you hire an electrician to complete this task, the unexpected is quickly solved rather than becoming a frustrating issue.
  • Attention to detail: As we install many ceiling fans, we know what to look for when we work on your job. There are many elements that go into installation, like the balance of the blades and avoiding mounting gaps that occur in many amateur installations. Many people install their own fan, only to discover it is noisy and annoying. We take the steps necessary to assure quiet and efficient operation, so you can enjoy the benefits without any of the possible irritations.
  • Time: There is a learning curve with ceiling fans that takes time. Your weekends and work nights are precious, and you likely do not want to spend them on household tasks that are an endless test of trial and error. When you call us, it takes one trip and your ceiling fans will be operating within hours—if it takes even that long. This reduces your demands, as well as your frustration.

If you seek assistance for ceiling fan installation in North Scottsdale, AZ, call Eavenson Electric Co. today.

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