Electrical Repair in North Scottsdale, AZ Can Make Life Easier

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There are likely household items that are dangerous or difficult for you but are easy for your local electrician. Customers are often pleasantly surprised to learn just how much we can do for them and how many of these tasks make life much easier. Rather than struggle to make something work or even risk a fall hazard, consider hiring us for electrical repair in North Scottsdale, AZ when the need arises:

  • Ceiling fan installation: Ceiling fans increase airflow and contribute to better indoor air quality. Since they are easily acquired at a hardware store, many customers attempt to make installation a weekend do-it-yourself project. This frequently results in frustration and agony, with no operational ceiling fan at the end of it. Ceiling fans are complex, especially if they share connections with a light. Also, they require proper balance, or you only get noise and inefficiency. Since we have experience handling ceiling fans and installing them correctly, avoid the ordeal and call us instead.
  • Upgrade electrical connections: Your home may have been built in 1990, but we did not have the same high-tech appliances or multiple devices we do now. We can add outlets, including USB connections, and install whole home surge protection. Appliances now have circuit boards in addition to belts and gears, so this protects them too. If you are putting in a new HVAC system, we can check your amperage to be sure your electrical components can handle it. While everything may run well, you may experience frequent power surges if we do not address the issue.
  • Replace light bulbs: Tall ceilings, awkward outdoor spots or complex fixtures often turn the simple task of replacing lightbulbs into a hazardous ordeal. Halogen bulbs are frequent culprits because, while they do not need to be replaced often, it is often beyond the abilities most homeowners when it is time to do so. Since we handle many types of fixtures and already own the needed safety equipment, let us handle these tasks instead while you remain firmly on the ground. Also, if you face frequent bulb burnouts, we can check the wiring while we are up there, too.
  • Outdoor lights: You can improve safety and security with the right lights. If you avoided adding them because the best spots are not easily reached, we can handle that for you. There is no reason to waste time wobbling on ladders and possibly not accomplishing the task right the first time. We can install lights, change bulbs and illuminate your yard to make it a safer and more welcoming place.
  • Code violations: If a shortcut taken long ago now results in a code violation, fix it correctly the first time by hiring an electrician. We’ve come across customers who attempted to fix their own wiring or those who fell victim to a less-skilled electrician. Fortunately, there is a time window to fix these shortcomings and avoid a fine. Hiring us assures that effort is successful and your confrontation with the county soon becomes a distant memory.

Eavenson Electric Co. offers many types of electrical repair in North Scottsdale, AZ and the surrounding area. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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