Four Reasons You May Require Circuit Breaker Repair in North Scottsdale, AZ

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Tripped circuits are often a fact of life, but they should not be a constant day-to-day theme. The occasional trip is one thing, but if you are constantly hiking down to your basement because you plug in your tablet right as your TV is on, then it is likely your home requires circuit breaker repair in North Scottsdale, AZ. Here are four reasons why tripped circuits occur and when these problems require professional intervention:

  • Excessive activity: Even as little as 10 years ago, we did not have as many devices or appliances that ran on computer chips as we do today. That is tough competition for electricity in your home, and when one area or room suddenly loses the connection, that is a sign your circuit tripped. If this happens frequently, examine why it might occur. If there are several high-demand items in one room, move them somewhere else so the demand is more evenly spread. Otherwise, you may have to consider an upgrade so your electrical system accommodates your 21st century needs.
  • Circuit overloads: While tripped circuits are irritating, they happen for a reason and that is to keep your household safe. If they did not trip, your house could be engulfed in flames, or in the best-case scenario, your electrical system would be fried out. One of these safety hazards include old or worn-out wires. If your electricity demands have not changed much, but you keep facing overloaded circuits, worn-out wires may be to blame. Even if the wires are intact, your system may be outdated. Unplug appliances and devices before setting the breaker. Reset it and then plug each of them in one at a time until the circuit trips again. This will tell you which appliance causes the overload so you can have an electrician adjust the amperage.
  • Short circuits: A short circuit results when an active wire and neutral wire touch, causing a current overflow. That trips the breaker and often makes electrical repair necessary, but these are not considered emergency situations on their own. However, sparks, pops and smoke require an emergency service appointment right now! That suggests a damaged connection that can cause fires. These events result from worn wires, and this is common after a rodent infestation, since the small critters are known to chew on wires. If you call in exterminators, your next call should be to an electrician once your home is fumigated—just in case. It may prevent short circuits and serious electrical repair.
  • Ground faults: This is similar to a short circuit, except the active wire touches a ground wire. This also creates excessive current and a tripped breaker. A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) should prevent this, but if yours is wearing out, you may need to call us in to replace it. Most homes have a GFCI, but older ones may lack one, in which case we install one for you. You can only avoid ground faults with a working GFCI and fixing damaged electrical components that contributed to the condition.

Enjoy a safer home with circuit breaker repair in North Scottsdale, AZ performed by Eavenson Electric Co. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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