Summer Means Circuit Breaker Repair and Replacement

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Summer is hard on circuit breakers. This is especially true during summers where circuit breaker repair in North Scottsdale, AZ—and even circuit breaker replacement services—are suddenly in high demand. There are ways you can minimize this damage and keep your essential systems running during our hot temperatures. Here are five ways to manage circuit breakers this summer:

  • Know replacement schedule: Due to the heat, circuit breakers have a 25-year lifespan in Arizona. If you are experiencing frequent shorts or must unplug items before running your air conditioner, old circuit breakers may be the culprit. It may be only a matter of time before you find no power running through your home. Date circuit breakers as you replace them, and perform replacements in large groups so they remain on the same timeframe. You can write installation dates on your breaker box with a permanent marker so you and subsequent homeowners will know when it is time.
  • Reduce demand: On the hottest days, when you run your air conditioner on full blast, find ways to reduce the demand on your system. If you do not need every mobile device plugged in and running in your home, avoid that. The same is true with running high-demand home theater systems during the hottest time of the day. Even if your circuit breakers can handle the load, making excessive demands will wear them out quicker.
  • Add outlets: Another factor in worn out circuit breakers is the number of outlets. If your home has few outlets and you use surge protectors or extension units to expand their potential, you are taxing your system. Houses built as recently as 20 years ago did not have to accommodate the dependence we have on electronics today. Consider installing new outlets and additional breakers to manage the demands better.
  • Pay attention to wire condition: Frayed or damaged wires create dangerous situations that can disable circuit breakers at the least, or set your home on fire at worst. Call an electrician when you see these conditions so repairs can make your home safe once again. It is likely that even your newer circuit breakers require replacement at the same time to assure their long-term functioning. The best way to keep this from becoming a frequent expensive repair is to be aware of condition and notice irregularities, like frequently tripped circuits.
  • Pursue energy efficiency: As technology develops, your energy efficient options expand. Energy Star appliances make fewer demands on your system them older ones. You can even find efficient air conditioning systems that blow out the cold air as well as or better than your previous system. Choosing energy efficient appliances and systems helps your circuit breakers as well as your monthly utility bills. Many customers report experiencing fewer circuit trips and better management of the power demands of their home.

Call Eavenson Electric Co. if you require circuit breaker replacement or circuit breaker repair in North Scottsdale, AZ. We look forward to making your home safer and more efficient this summer!

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