Upgrading to a WiFi Thermostat with Help from a North Scottsdale Electrician

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A WiFi thermostat is a piece of equipment that connects to the Internet service in your home and gives users remote control and the ability to make changes easily through the use of an app on your smartphone or tablet. While WiFi thermostats began as a piece of technology that was mainly used by consumers who were frequently away from home for long periods of time, it has increased in popularity and can be useful for virtually any homeowner. There are several benefits that you can enjoy when you choose to upgrade your home by having a North Scottsdale electrician install a WiFi thermostat:

  • Remote climate control: One of the biggest advantages of having a WiFi thermostat is that you can remotely control the temperature in your home. Whether you’re at work or you’re out of town, you can easily connect and monitor the temperature of your home. If you need to make adjustments to keep pets comfortable or to save energy while you’re away, it’s quick and convenient.
  • Easy programming: After being installed by a North Scottsdale electrician, WiFi thermostats are much easier to program than traditional thermostat models. Through the use of a corresponding app, you simply have to input temperature and time preferences to precisely program your thermostat. If you change your mind or need to make adjustments, it’s as simple as pulling out your smartphone.
  • Schedule adaptation: Some WiFi thermostats feature advanced adaptation technology that changes according to your schedule and energy needs. Learning WiFi thermostats will be able to adjust settings depending on whether you are at home or away, and they can even detect when you are nearing home so that the furnace is turned on in preparation of your arrival.
  • Convenient adjustments: Nobody wants to get out of bed at night to adjust the thermostat. Thankfully, WiFi thermostats allow you to easily adjust your thermostat through the use of your smartphone or tablet, which means that all you have to do is reach for your phone on your nightstand and change the temperature.
  • Monitoring ability: Many WiFi thermostats have the ability to monitor the efficiency of your furnace and HVAC system. This monitoring makes it easy for you to see if there are any potential issues with your system and maximize energy efficiency. You can easily tell if your HVAC system needs maintenance and save money on your monthly energy bill.

If you want to streamline your home’s energy use by installing a WiFi thermostat, our team at Eavenson Electric Co. can help you out. For over 30 years, we have been providing outstanding service to our customers when they require a North Scottsdale electrician, whether for electrical troubleshooting or for help with the installation of car charging ports and WiFi thermostats. Give us a call and begin enjoying all of the benefits that WiFi thermostats have to offer you. We are committed to providing the best customer service possible, so feel free to reach out to us and find out about all of the fantastic services that we have to offer.

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