Consider Swimming Pool Circuit Repair After a Heat Wave

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The most frustrating pool problems you’ll have to deal with aren’t floating debris or a pH level that won’t stay balanced—it’s troubleshooting the electrical components. Everything from your pool’s pump to its skimmer run on electricity, making electrical problems extremely hard to nail down. It’s often best to let an expert assess the entire system to ensure the problem is pinpointed properly.

Most homeowners will start to see electrical problems develop after a heat wave. This isn’t a coincidence! Heat is a major catalyst for electrical problems—specifically at the root of your system, in the circuit breaker box. When temperatures climb up over 100 degrees, all sorts of problems begin to develop, even in the most advanced, well-maintained breaker boxes.

Types of circuit problems

Electrical problems caused by heat can be numerous. They range from minor and annoying to major and costly. Before you assume the latter and prepare for the worst, however, take a second to see just how many different issues can be blamed on the heat:

  • Tripped breaker: If a circuit becomes overloaded, the breaker will trip as a precaution. While an overload of electricity is often responsible for a trip, heat can sometimes trigger it as well. Check to see that your breakers haven’t been tripped before you seek the help of a North Scottsdale electrician.
  • A short in the circuit: The heat can cause shorts in the circuit in a few different ways. If wiring is eroded or malformed by the heat, it could result in arcing or other catalysts resulting in a short. Likewise, if wiring becomes too hot, it can disrupt the circuit, again causing a short. The list of problems goes on. An electrician will be able to qualify or rule out a short on a case-by-case basis.
  • Pool pump overdraw: If your pool pump is running the wrong voltage, it’s going to cause electrical problems. Ordinarily, you may not see too much trouble from a pump that’s overdrawing power. However, when coupled with the heat, a voltage problem is sure to catch up with the rest of your system. This results in breaker trips and other issues that require a North Scottsdale electrician.
  • Fuse issues: Heat in excess can do all sorts of damage to fuses—blowing them, melting them and more. Check to see if your fuses are all intact and functional. This is another quick fix that could be blamed on the heat.

Get your system inspected

Especially after the horrid 100-plus degree temperatures that Arizona has recently seen, it’s important to have your pool’s electrical components inspected by a trained and qualified professional. Issues that existed before the heat wave—as well as troubles caused by it—demand expert evaluation and repairs.

The team at Eavenson Electric Co. has seen what heat can do to the many electrical components of a pool. We’re here to help you make sure your system is in optimal condition, so when the next heat wave hits, you can enjoy the comforts of your pool while you ride it out.

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