Know Who to Call for Emergency Electrical Repair During Summer Monsoon Season

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Summer means two things for Phoenix residents: hot days and sudden monsoons! Temperatures that consistently reach the triple digits and unpredictable rain showers make for one interesting season in Arizona. This weather can cause a variety of problems across the state. Power outages due to monsoons are one of the biggest issues our residents tend to face each year. Do you know what to do or who to call for emergency electrical repair in Phoenix, AZ when your power goes out this year? If not, continue reading to find out:

  • Call an experienced professional: When a monsoon hits and you need electrical repair, make sure you’re calling a company that only employs professionals with years of schooling and on-the-job training. The last thing you want is a novice in your home trying unsuccessfully to get your power turned back on! An inexperienced electrician will take longer to fix your electricity, and can actually end up doing more harm than good. At Eavenson Electric Co., all of our technicians have many years of experience in residential electrical services, so you can trust that we’ll have your power back on in no time at all.
  • Call a certified company: Going along with the previous point, you want to be sure you’re calling an electrical company that’s certified to perform work in Arizona. Anyone can claim to be an “electrician,” but the state only certifies companies and electricians that have proven they’ve taken the necessary courses to work safely and efficiently in any environment. All of our technicians are certified to perform any service you need!
  • Call someone that offers a variety of services: Calling around to several different companies to perform electrical work in your home is as time-consuming as it is frustrating. There’s no point in hiring company A in the event of an emergency, and company B to install and inspect your wiring for any issues. At Eavenson Electric Co., we offer a wide variety of services for both the interior and exterior of your home. Give us a call today to speak with one of our professionals and learn more about all of our services.
  • Call an affordable company: From filing insurance claims to protecting your belongings from damage, you have a lot to worry about when your home is affected by a monsoon. The last thing we want you to worry about is how you’ll pay for electrical repair in Phoenix, AZ! We offer some of the most affordable rates in town for all of our services.
  • Call a professional who’s available: Finally, you’ll want to make sure you call an electrician that is actually available in an emergency situation (particularly during a monsoon) when you need them the most! We can send a professional to your home to perform any service at the drop of a hat.

Buy plenty of emergency supplies and water to make sure you’re covered in the event of a power outage this summer. You also need to keep Eavenson Electric Co.’s number on your refrigerator or saved in your cell phone so that we can make it out to your house quickly for electrical repair in Phoenix, AZ. We’re available around the clock to handle all of your electrical needs!

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