Four Things to Know Before Installing a Tesla Charger in Your Home

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Most people try to do their part to preserve the world, whether they do something like make an effort to consume less household energy or decide to invest in a hybrid or zero-emissions vehicle. If you are thinking about buying or already own a gas-free vehicle, like a Tesla, have you considered taking advantage of a convenient in-home car charger? It’s an option that will likely be presented to you at the dealership, but you can get one anytime.

What is a home car charger?

If you own an electric vehicle and are serious about driving it long-term, then you might want to get a charging station installed in your home garage. When you have your own car charging station, you won’t have to wait days for a full charge, or drive all the way out to the nearest public vehicle charging unit. This convenience allows you to plug in your vehicle at night and wake up with a full charge to get you through the day and then some. Plugging into a standard outlet only gets you slightly powered, while a charging station brings more power from your home electricity to your car’s battery.

Before you decide to install a Tesla car charger in your home, there are four important things that North Scottsdale electricians want you to know:

  • Get the right amperage: First, you need to know that there are different types of chargers to choose from. You want a charger that is compatible with your vehicle and will provide the right amperage. If you own a Tesla, then you should get a 30-amp level 2 charger. This charger plugs into a 240-volt outlet. If you do not have one in the area where you want to put the charger, an electrician can install one for you.
  • Know how long the cord needs to be: You will need to know how far away your vehicle will be from the Tesla charging port. Most people will install their charging station in the garage, or as close as they can to where they park their vehicle. Longer is better than too short, but a 16 or 18 foot cord should be long enough to run anywhere in a standard size garage or out to the driveway.
  • Choose the right installation: When looking at charging stations on your own, make sure to read the labels. Some are labeled as permanent installations (ones that permanently attach to the wall), while others are removable (you can take them with you when you move houses).
  • Hire a professional to install your charger: Not only do you want to hire a professional to do the work, but most cities require that car charging units be installed by a certified electrician. Yes, it will cost money—however, this is the safest way to work with electricity and stay within the bounds of the law.

Contact the knowledgeable and skilled North Scottsdale electricians at Eavenson Electric Co. for more information about home car charging stations, as well as the latest Tesla charger options and installation services.

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