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Some people aren’t interested in buying older homes because of possible issues that come with them—not to mention the heavy maintenance needs—while others are drawn to the charm and soul that are often only found in older homes. If you do choose to buy a place that’s been lived in for years, then it’s up to you to make sure that the electrical system is safe and up to date.

Here are a few of the most common electrical issues older home specialists and electricians in North Scottsdale, AZ encounter on a regular basis:

  • Dead or broken outlets: Residential houses have at least one to three electrical outlets in each room, on average, depending on the size of the room or space. How many outlets per space also depends on when your home was built. However, did you know that older homes not only have fewer original outlets, but tend to have more dead outlets, too? Don’t mess around with an outlet that does not regain connection after you reset the breakers. Instead, contact an electrician for help.
  • Not enough power: The fact of the matter is that older homes did not require the amount of electrical power most modern homes need. Many older homes were built under codes that did not hold builders and electricians responsible for wiring the homes with extra power. These homes were wired for the average power use at the time. Today, household power needs have changed—and building codes have evolved, too—but some older homes still have their original electrical systems.
  • Crazy light bulbs: Bulbs that flicker or dim on their own mean the wiring to lighting fixtures is experiencing a poor connection. This can also be the issue if you are using the same types of bulbs in all the lights, but noticing a significant difference in brightness from one room to another. The flickering, dimming and varying brightness is annoying to live with and may even lead to light bulbs needing to be changed more often than normal. You should consider calling a residential electrician to fix the problem, and to rule out any other electrical problems.
  • Old electrical wiring: Time is not a friend to your home’s wiring. Old wiring is often the cause of many residential power problems. Wiring materials can degrade or get disconnected from outlets and switches, and may even start fires inside your walls. For your safety and to protect your property, schedule a wiring inspection with an experienced electrician.
  • Do-it-yourself trouble: There are many home improvement projects homeowners can do, but tackling an electrical project is typically not one of them. The problem is that older homes have often had multiple owners over the years, and who knows which fixes were DIY jobs and which were handled by the pros? If you are buying an older home, make sure you get the electricity thoroughly checked out before you sign anything.

Home electricity can be tricky, so leave any fixes to the professionals. Contact Eavenson Electric Co. today to speak with one of our skilled and knowledgeable electricians in North Scottsdale, AZ!

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