What Are the Benefits of LED Lighting Conversion?

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Light emitting diodes (LEDs) began to revolutionize the lighting scene in the early 2000s. This innovative technology is continuing to evolve, all the while changing the way that people light their homes and interact with a wide array of electronic products. As LEDs increase in quality and value, they are becoming more and more desirable to install in homes as the primary source of lighting. There are a number of benefits you will experience if you opt to have an electrician in North Scottsdale, AZ install LED lighting in your home.

LEDs are small, solid-state chips encapsulated inside an epoxy or resin. This means that they are much smaller, brighter and more efficient than traditional lighting sources.

Early LEDs gained an unfair reputation for being overly garish and generally not suitable for whole-home use. Recent advances in LED technology, however, are reshaping the way that LED lighting can illuminate your house or commercial space.

Here are just some of the benefits of installing LED lighting in your commercial or residential building:

  • Longevity: Regular lightbulbs require electric heated filaments or gases trapped inside a vacuum-sealed environment to produce light. LEDs, on the other hand, require no moving parts or vacuum seals. Most LED lightbulbs can be used continuously for more than seven years before they need to be replaced.
  • Efficiency: They may be expensive to install, but LED bulbs will make up for the cost difference in no time thanks to their immense energy efficiency. LEDs require less than 90 percent of the power needed to illuminate a standard incandescent lightbulb. This can result in dramatically reduced utility bills.
  • Durability: There’s nothing more frustrating than dropping a delicate lightbulb or florescent light tube during installation. Thankfully, LEDs are almost indestructible! They also don’t emit gases, like fluorescent lights. LEDs can withstand vibration, temperature changes and more.
  • Customization: If you have a commercial or residential space that you want to really stand out, you should invest in LED lighting. Contact an electrician in North Scottsdale, AZ to learn about the possibility of installing LEDs in custom locations and colors. You may even consider investing in color-changing LEDs!
  • Safety: Standard lightbulbs emit a substantial amount of heat during operation, making them hot to the touch. LEDs do emit some heat during operation, but it is a negligible amount. Installing LED lights in your home or commercial space can reduce the risk of burns or fires, and may also help offset your cooling costs.

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