Reasons to Incorporate a Tesla Charger at Your Commercial Space

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Tesla-brand electric vehicles are becoming more and more ubiquitous, and it’s becoming increasingly common to find Tesla Superchargers at high-profile retail locations and office parks. If you are looking for a unique way to set your commercial space apart and showcase your dedication to going green, you should consider investing in a Tesla Supercharger or other generic electric car charging system. Working with a qualified electrical contractor in North Scottsdale, AZ to install a new electric vehicle charging system can help you maximize your property value and make the most of your existing parking space.

Tesla Superchargers provide free charging for Tesla Roadster or Model-S vehicles. Owners of the new Model-3 pay per charge. If you opt for an official Tesla-brand Supercharger, Tesla will cover the cost of installation and will pay for the charger’s electricity consumption. This means that all you have to do is allow them to work on your parking space, and you’ll have a lucrative new tool to use to draw in new customers and talent.

Generic chargers require an additional investment on behalf of the landowner, but often draw a wider crowd, and provide a greater net benefit.

Here are just some of the reasons you should consider investing in a generic electric car charger or have a Tesla Supercharger installed on your property:

  • Elevate your profile: Raise the image of your business and provide yourself with an additional competitive edge when you install an electric vehicle charger. When you install an electric vehicle charger on your property, you’ll make it easier for customers to find your retail location.
  • Increase interaction time: If a customer or client is waiting for their vehicle to charge, they’re much more likely to spend an increased amount of time in your store, office or restaurant. This means that they may opt to buy products or services that they otherwise wouldn’t have had the time to interact with.
  • Qualify for local incentives: Depending on the state and jurisdiction in which your commercial space resides, you may qualify for state and local incentives, like tax breaks or energy bill cuts, when you install an electric vehicle charger. Local governments across the country are working to make car chargers more lucrative for businesses.
  • Retain better workforce: Electric vehicle owners tend to be more conscientious and better educated. You can retain this workforce by demonstrating that you share their values when you install an electric vehicle charger on your property. Some businesses, for instance, may offer free charging to their employees as an added workers’ benefit.

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