Save Money on Your Energy Bill This Summer with Help from an Electrical Contractor in North Scottsdale, AZ

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The summertime offers so many opportunities to get out and enjoy the weather, but you might notice that your energy bills end up climbing higher and higher over the summer months. It’s no surprise that you end up spending more money on energy during the summer because of how frequently you use cooling systems and fans. While you might not be able to avoid these extra expenses altogether, you can significantly curb your energy use by taking a few simple steps to increase the efficiency of your systems and cut down on your use altogether. Here are some ideas from an electrical contractor in North Scottsdale, AZ:

  • Assess your energy use: Before you can make changes and cut down on your energy use, you will need to determine exactly how you’re using energy and where there is potential for savings. Think about where your thermostat is set during the day and at night, which rooms are usually used during the day and which lights are kept on in the house. If there are rooms that aren’t used during the day, make sure that you turn lights off and close vents to prevent energy waste where you really don’t need it.
  • Use fans: Your ceiling fans don’t to a whole lot to actually lower the temperature in your room, but they do circulate air, which can greatly increase your comfort. Turn your ceiling fans on to create a cool breeze so that you can turn your thermostat down a little bit.
  • Invest in surge protectors: Lots of the electronic devices in your home are actually consuming energy even when they aren’t in use. Surge protectors prevent excess electricity waste when your devices and appliances are turned off, and they offer the added benefit of protecting your devices from electrical surge damage.
  • Maintain your HVAC system: HVAC systems that are obstructed with dust and debris or that aren’t operating effectively consume much more energy than well-maintained systems. Make sure to invest in seasonal HVAC maintenance to clean your system and ensure that it’s operating as efficiently as possible.
  • Switch to an eco-friendly thermostat: Simply changing out your old thermostat for a new, programmable model can make a big difference. A programmable thermostat allows you to set up a cooling schedule that is far more efficient. You can set your programmable thermostat to stop cooling while you’re at work or at night when you’re sleeping. You can hire an electrical contractor in North Scottsdale, AZ to install your new thermostat for you.

If you want to find out more about how an electrical contractor in North Scottsdale, AZ can help you increase the efficiency of your home this summer, give Eavenson Electric Co. a call. We’ve been offering comprehensive electrical services to homeowners and business owners in and around North Scottsdale for decades. Our extensive experience in the industry has given us unparalleled knowledge of all kinds of electrical issues and services, and we are equipped to tackle just about any electrical project you need help with. Call us today for some more information about our services and to get a price quote.

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