Tesla Charging Stations in Scottsdale, AZ for Apartments and Condos

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So, you would like to go green with your next car purchase, and you’re considering a Tesla… but you live in an apartment. You wonder if you’ll be able to effectively charge your Tesla each night. This is a common concern for those who live in condos and apartments. In these scenarios, is it possible to install a Tesla charging station in Scottsdale, AZ?

To learn more about your options, use the following FAQ guide. If you have additional questions, reach out to your local electrician or a local Tesla manufacturer resource for guidance.

Can I install a Tesla charging station in Scottsdale, AZ in an apartment or condo?

If you live in a multi-unit property, you probably need to get approval before you can install a Tesla charging station in Scottsdale, AZ. Submit a request to the property manager to start the process of installing a charging station. Tesla offers resources on their website to help you communicate with your manager and explain the benefits of your installation.

If I install a Tesla charging station in Scottsdale, AZ, how much will it cost?

It is recommended that Tesla owners get several quotes from independent electricians for installing a Tesla charging station in Scottsdale, AZ. The price will vary depending on the home and access to current electrical systems.

How long does installing a Tesla charging station in Scottsdale, AZ take?

Once you have the approval to do the work and have made arrangements with a local electrician to install the charging station, the project itself usually takes several hours. If the setting presents complications, the installation can take up to two days to complete.

Should I consider a Supercharger?

As you are weighing your charging station options, a Supercharger may sound appealing. Superchargers provide up to 120kw of DC power to the battery. However, this type of charger requires utility connections and dedicated transformers that are not available in typical residential settings.

Do I need a home Tesla charging station in Scottsdale, AZ if I can use a local Supercharger?

For the best results, it is recommended that you charge your Tesla at home. Plugging it in each night will provide a fully charged vehicle each morning. You may even be eligible for utility incentives to charge your car at home.

My residential complex offers public parking. What about destination charging?

Tesla offers a Destination Charging program which partners with hospitality-based locations to provide wall connectors that allow travelers to charge their vehicles away from home. If you’d like your location to become a Tesla charging partner, you can submit an application via the Tesla website.

Get Charged for Less

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