What’s the Best Way to Charge a Tesla?

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Are you the proud owner of a Tesla? Are you considering becoming the owner of one? If so, one of your main concerns is probably charging the vehicle. While you’ll enjoy great gas mileage, a green driving experience and a modern look with your car, you’ll also need to know how to maintain it. You’ll probably want to invest in a Tesla charging station in Scottsdale, AZ.

What does this involve? Use the following FAQ to familiarize yourself with the charging process and how to properly maintain a charge for your vehicle.

What’s the best way to charge a Tesla?

Use a Tesla charging station in Scottsdale, AZ every night. Plug the vehicle in every evening to recharge it from the day’s use. This will provide a fully charged Tesla for you each day.

Should I charge it to 100%?

You can use the settings menu to adjust how much the battery charges. For daily use, it is recommended that you charge the battery up to around 90%. Save the full 100% charge for long trips.

Do I need to wait until it is fully depleted before I charge the battery?

No, there is no need to wait until the battery is depleted to charge it. It is recommended that you plug the car in each day to charge it. The car has lithium ion batteries, so there is no memory effect.

Does my Tesla charging station in Scottsdale, AZ have to be a wall connector?

The Tesla wall connector is the top recommended charging solution, but the vehicle can also be charged with a mobile connector using an adapter to connect it to a universal charging station. However, you will get a faster charge if you use the wall connector.

What about normal 110-volt outlets?

Your Tesla comes equipped with an adapter for standard 110-volt outlets. This can be used, but you will only get two to four miles of range per hour of charging.

What about 240-volt outlets?

If you have an existing 240-volt outlet in your garage, you may be able to use this to charge your Tesla. Tesla offers adapters for most common outlets.

What is the average charging time for a Tesla?

This varies greatly depending on the car and the power supply. For example, a 100-amp circuit breaker charging a Model S will probably charge at an average of 52 miles of range per hour charged, but an 80-amp circuit breaker charging a Model X might provide around 40 miles of range per charging hour.

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