What Are Security Lights and Why Are They Important?

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There’s nothing more important than protecting your loved ones and property. Locking the doors, installing a security alarm and following other safety measures are all vital to protecting these important assets. But, unfortunately, intruders could still target your home. Finding out your home has been robbed can leave you feeling unsafe and violated. That’s why many homeowners are turning to security lighting to increase the safety of the property.

Security lights are strategically placed to eliminate dark hiding spots and to deter criminals. Well-designed lighting installations will discourage a potential intruder from targeting the home, leaving you with a greater level of security and safety. Read on for a closer look at security lighting in Scottsdale, AZ.

What are security lights?

The role and usage of security lighting can differ drastically depending on the needs of the property. For some homeowners, security lighting might entail a few strategically placed floodlights that illuminate the garage, front door and an entrance to the backyard. Other options switch on as soon as a motion sensor is activated, sending lurking thieves retreating from your home. The brightness of the light, the detection zone and the range of illumination can all be tailored to your property. Other options are less invasive, like landscape path lightings that highlight the route from the street to the front door. Security lighting is always carefully designed to prevent glare, which could cause a counter-effect by obstructing the homeowner’s vision and even decreasing visibility.

The purpose of security lighting

A recent study found that burglars almost always search for homes that appear to be empty. They look for signals that the home is unoccupied, such as a dark interior or constantly closed blinds. The right lighting can deter criminals from targeting the home by giving the appearance that the home is occupied even when it is not. A bright flood light over the driveway makes it more difficult to commit a crime without being detected. The mere presence of a security light makes it much more challenging to engage in criminal activity, which sends an intruder searching for an easier target.

How to use security lighting effectively

Start by placing security lights in a few common spots to establish baseline protection. Roadway luminaries should be installed along the driveway or other parking area. Motion sensor flood lights are best used above the driveway, at entryways, in the backyard and along any corners. Landscape luminaries along walkways and any foliage are also effective. Any high-value items on the property, such as a backyard grill or vehicle, should also be within the direct path of a security light. Also plan to illuminate any shadowed areas near the garage or yard that could provide a hiding spot for prowlers.

An experienced electrician can determine the best design for security lighting in Scottsdale, AZ. At Eavenson Electric Co., we’ve been working with local homeowners for over 30 years, providing them with the lighting solutions they need to guard their properties against unwanted intrusions. Call us today to learn more about how security lighting can help you protect your home and family.

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