Will Landscape Lighting Pay Off When I Go to Sell My Home?

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Have you ever looked at your home at night? Oftentimes, all the hard work invested into keeping the pool clean or maintaining the landscaping seems to disappear as soon as the sun goes down. You’ve spent a lot of time making the exterior of the home look good—why not highlight it? Landscape lighting is the perfect way to show off the home’s outside assets. Strategically placed fixtures can highlight the home’s architectural features and any landscaping. Outdoor lighting can even improve the safety and security of the home.

Well-executed outdoor lighting illuminates the home in the best way possible, which adds curb appeal and can even increase your property value. This is especially important for anyone considering selling their home in the next few years. It’s one of the few exterior home improvements that offers a solid return on investment when it’s time to sell the home. Here’s a closer look at why landscape lighting in Scottsdale, AZ pays off.

Buyers want outdoor living

A recent survey by the National Association of Home Builders found that prospective homebuyers ranked outdoor lighting and a great outdoor living space at the top of their wish lists. Homeowners are looking to expand their living space from the home and into the front or back yard. Adding outdoor living space can make a home feel larger than it really is. Traditional outdoor spaces are unusable once the sun goes down, but a home that offers a well-lit outdoor living space that’s usable both day and night will be much more desirable.

Safety and security

Criminals love the dark. It allows them to work unnoticed and completely hidden. Outdoor lighting is the most effective way to ruin their plans. Oftentimes, a burglar won’t even consider an illuminated home because of the higher risk. Landscape lighting should be considered a security investment, just like a security alarm would be. Additionally, outdoor parties could be dangerous if a guest were to trip on a cracked sidewalk in the dark. Strategic lighting will help avoid any unfortunate mishaps.

Curb appeal

Landscape lighting is essentially highlighting the most attractive features of your home. Buyers won’t be able to see anything but the best assets. Well-designed lighting plants can even make the house look bigger and much more luxurious. Skipping the outdoor lighting might give the impression that there’s nothing to show off, or that the seller was unwilling to invest in the property. The right curb appeal will be sure to lure buyers in.

Return on investment

Some improvement projects just never pay off, but that’s not the case with landscape lighting in Scottsdale, AZ. Landscape lighting is one of the few improvements that usually yields a 100 percent return on investment. Market research has shown that landscape lighting can add up to 20 percent to the home’s value.

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