Tesla Offers Options for Car Chargers

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More and more people are becoming interested in the possibility of owning an electric car. The numerous environmental and economic benefits are making electric cars a popular option. But one persistent issue is finding the best place to charge the car. Should you charge at home or out in public?

Luckily, experts on electric car chargers in North Scottsdale, AZ are here to provide advice. Car charging doesn’t have to be complicated, and can be as easy as heading to the gas pump. Read on to find out how electric car charging works:

  • Charging at home: Most of your charging needs can be met at home and in the workplace. Check out a Tesla wall connector, which offers the fastest speeds available for charging at home. These are available in a variety of lengths, and can be purchased at any Tesla service center. A wall connector provides as much as 44 miles of driving per charge.
  • Charging on the road: There will be instances where it makes sense to charge your electric car in public. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to find charging sites through Tesla’s map, which includes both supercharger stations and destination charging. You can plug your car in while you do other things and return to a fully charged vehicle. Both superchargers and destination chargers include all the equipment you need to charge your car:
    • Superchargers are located on frequently traveled routes and in urban centers. These allow you to charge the car rapidly, to about 80 percent in a half an hour. They’re often right next to popular spots like coffee shops and travel plazas.
    • The destination charging network includes thousands of locations at convenient spots like parking garages, restaurants, hotels and shopping centers.
  • Planning your trip: Sometimes people are nervous to venture out without knowing where the nearest charging station is located. But now it’s easy to plan out your trip with charging station stops before you go. Tesla has a built-in trip planner that will take you to your destination while also identifying possible supercharging stops the whole way through. You can also find third-party charging stations via Plugshare.com. Ensure that these include the right voltage before making the stop.

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