When You Should Make Circuit Breaker Panel Upgrades in North Scottsdale, AZ

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Your circuit breaker panel is essentially the control hub for everything electrical in your home. Now, you’re most likely not going to pay much attention to your circuit breaker panel unless something goes wrong in your home. When something does go wrong, how do you know if it’s a one-time issue or a sign of something bigger?

Keep in mind that circuit breakers can be rather finicky—just because you have a problem with them once does not mean you need to replace the panel. Here are some actual signs and circumstances in which you may consider making some circuit breaker panel upgrades in North Scottsdale, AZ:

  • You’re still using fuses: Fuses and circuit breakers generally perform the same function in that they are designed to prevent short circuiting by breaking electrical currents that go to any devices connected to them. Fuses, however, can only be used once—if they short, they need to be replaced. Breakers simply need to be reset when tripped. Fuses are outdated at this point, a remnant of a bygone era in which there weren’t nearly as many things plugged into a home’s electrical outlets at once. Nowadays, fuses can pose a fire hazard when overloaded. If you’re still using fuses, it’s time to upgrade your electrical panel.
  • New appliances: If you’re installing brand-new appliances that require a lot of energy and you’re worried your electrical panel isn’t going to be able to give them enough power, then you may need to make an upgrade. This is something to consider for appliances like a new air conditioner, hot tub or other extra appliance that isn’t already accounted for on your panel. If the amps you have on your electrical panels don’t meet your electrical needs, your breakers will trip every time you try to turn on that new appliance, and you’ll need to upgrade to higher amperage.
  • Wiring issues: Have you noticed some issues with the wiring around your home? Perhaps, for example, you have frequently flickering or dimming lights, or you get shocked when you touch appliances or outlets. You might also notice burning smells around the panel or outlets, or discoloration or sparking near outlets. These are warning signs of outdated, faulty wiring that does not meet code, and indicate that you’ll need to work with an electrician to make the upgrades.
  • Too many extension cords: If you’re plugging just about everything into power strips and extension cords around your home, then it’s probably a good idea to upgrade your electrical panel and add some new outlets and circuits. This will help you reduce fire hazards in your home and help you avoid overloading your circuits.

For more information about some of the signs that it may be in your best interest to make some crucial circuit breaker panel upgrades in North Scottsdale, AZ, or for any other issues related to your household electricity, we encourage you to contact the professional and highly-skilled electricians at Eavenson Electric Co. today. We look forward to assisting you!

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