The Differences Between Indoor and Outdoor Ceiling Fans

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The warmer months in Arizona are no joke—temperatures can regularly break 100 degrees, and even though “it’s a dry heat” gets funnier every time we hear it, it’s still very important to stay cool. Running your central HVAC system all the time can get quite pricy, however, so you want to be sure that you’re exploring all available alternatives.

Ceiling fans are an inexpensive solution to keep air moving and create breezes that your family can enjoy. Ceiling fan installation in North Scottsdale, AZ is a great way to cool down when the mercury in the thermometer starts to inch upwards. And best of all, they can actually be installed both indoors and outdoors!

What are outdoor ceiling fans?

While most everyone is familiar with indoor ceiling fans and their benefits, many people might not be aware that outdoor ceiling fans are an increasingly popular choice among our customers at Eavenson Electric Co. These fans are constructed differently than indoor fans and are usually far more robust, meaning they’re built to withstand the trials of the weather and exposure to the outdoors. Outdoor ceiling fan installation in North Scottsdale, AZ can turn your patio or other exterior space into a cool and comfortable gathering place for friends and family alike during even the hottest summer months.

How do indoor and outdoor fans differ?

Outdoor fans are much more resilient and tougher because, frankly, they need to be. The grit of the Arizona desert could be terrible on their motors, so they are usually fully encased and can also withstand monsoon rains as a result. This ensures that they keep on ticking and cooling you down even if they’ve been exposed to some bad weather.

Their components differ in some other ways for this same reason—their blades are plastic instead of plywood, and their other components are usually stainless steel as opposed to other materials that could break down over time when exposed to moisture and wind. Both types of fans can also have lighting attached, but again, outdoor ceiling fans will have pieces that are sealed up against weather.

What to know before buying an outdoor fan

Now that you think an outdoor ceiling fan might be for you, it could be a good idea to call the pros to get some more information during a consultation. Outdoor ceiling fans can come in a lot of different styles, so deciding on the look you want is a big part of it. You also want to make sure you’re buying the appropriate size, since this can affect how effectively it cools. Your partners in ceiling fan installation in North Scottsdale, AZ can offer more advice on these fronts, but it doesn’t hurt to do research ahead of time.

Now that we are deep into the hotter months of summer, it’s time to look into your cooling options. Ceiling fans for both indoors and outdoors could be a great choice for you and your family if you’re looking for inexpensive ways to help cool down your home and your entertaining spaces. Contact Eavenson Electric Co. to learn more about how we can help.

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