How Much Does LED Lighting Help You Save on Energy Bills?

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Many people are choosing LED lighting because it’s an environmentally-friendly option, meaning your household will use less energy. As a result, it can save you money on your electric bill every month.

You might be wondering just how much money LED lighting in Scottsdale, AZ can save you. The fact is that you could be saving money just by swapping out incandescent bulbs for LEDs. Read on to find out the financial benefits of choosing energy-efficient lighting.

Total savings

By making the switch to LEDs, you could save as much as $600 a year on your home’s lighting costs. The initial cost of LED bulbs will pay off in less than six months. Incandescent bulbs need to be replaced every three or four months—contrast that with LEDs, which cost less to run and will last for years to come.

Initial costs

The initial sticker shock of seeing an LED bulb at $6 compared to an incandescent bulb at $1 may make you believe the latter are the less expensive option. But there’s real long-term savings when you consider the lifetime of a bulb—an incandescent bulb only has 1,200 hours of life, compared to an LED that will last 20,000 hours.

The bottom line is that LEDs pay off over the long run and end up costing less than half as much as incandescent bulbs. Another factor to consider is that LEDs are becoming cheaper as they grow in popularity. This trend is sure to continue as people see the benefits of LEDs.

Energy costs

This is where the savings really start to add up. If you’re spending $51.84 per month lighting your home with incandescent bulbs, by switching out to LEDS, you would only be spending $8.64 per month. That means you’re saving $43.20 per month, or $518.40 annually by using LEDs.

Of course, there are other factors that influence your savings, including the price of electricity in your area and how much lighting you use. But it’s clear that LEDs more than make up for their higher initial cost by running longer and being more energy efficient. Throughout the lifespan of LED lighting, you could save thousands of dollars—not to mention all that time you’ll get back not having to order and replace lightbulbs.

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