Smart Home Trends in 2021

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Between smart phones, smart watches and smart TVs, every gadget and appliance we use these days seems to be “intelligent.” In addition to our smart wearable and watchable gear, our homes are getting smarter, too.

Because technology gets more advanced every day and we want our customers to stay up to date, this post will cover some of the top smart home trends of 2021 in North Scottsdale, AZ.

Machine learning

Right now, our smart devices are all controlled by phones, tablets or computers. We foresee that changing soon! Homes will eventually get smarter by learning our daily routines and even responding to weather. Smart homes will eventually automatically turn the lights on when we get home or adjust the temperature based on the weather outside.

Better security

Locking up before we leave for the day and using a physical key to unlock the door may soon be things of the past. Thanks to better security systems, our homes will be able to lock the door when we head out for work and unlock the door with facial recognition technology.

Localized temperature zones

Smart thermostats can be programmed for different zones throughout a home. For example, if you like the living room to be a bit cooler than the bedroom, your thermostat can adjust the temperature for you. These localized zones help ensure ultimate comfort anywhere and everywhere in your house.

Stylish accessories

Many smart gadgets currently on the market prioritize functionality over aesthetics. One of the biggest smart home trends of 2021 in North Scottsdale, AZ is accessories that look attractive or even blend into a home’s colors and décor. You might not even know you’re looking at a smart appliance, thanks to its great appearance.

Shades and lighting

Smart lights have been popular for a few years now. The ability to turn lights on with the touch of a button on a smart phone resonates with a lot of consumers. Imagine dimming those lights and simultaneously drawing the curtains to set the mood! That’ll be a possibility in the very near future.

Better network connectivity

Without a speedy internet connection, your smart device won’t work as it should. That won’t be a problem thanks to improving wi-fi speeds and devices that are better able to connect with one another. Ever-improving speeds mean better functionality throughout your smart home.

Gym-quality workouts

One big thing we lost during the pandemic was the ability to hit the gym for a workout. Thanks to innovative devices—like the Samsung Smart Trainer that integrates with a smart TV and webcam—homeowners can get a quality workout without ever leaving the comfort of their home.

Talk to us about upgrading your home

Modernizing your home is something some DIY-ers can do on their own. However, we recommend hiring a certified electrician instead. You can rest easy knowing the job will be done right the first time when you work with an electrician, and you can even save some money in the long run.

Call our pros at Eavenson Electric Co. today to learn more about the smart home trends of 2021 in North Scottsdale, AZ or to get an estimate for our services.

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