Power Issues That Can Cause Your AC to Fail

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Having access to air conditioning during the summer months is more than a mere luxury—it’s a necessity. In July, average high temperatures in Arizona typically rise above 104℉, so having a functional air conditioner is of paramount importance.

There are many reasons your home’s air conditioning might stop functioning, but some of the more serious cases involve power issues that cause AC failure. There is often a strong link between air conditioning failure and electricity, and this article will dive into some power issues that could cause your air conditioning to fail.

Your house lost power

The advent of summer can mean more than warm weather—it can also mean thunderstorms that can bring lightning, wind and rain with them. Storms have the potential to knock your power out for anywhere from a few seconds to a few days.

Not having power usually means not having light, running water or air conditioning, the latter of which can be a significant problem if it happens for an extended period during the summer. If your air conditioner isn’t working, it could be because of a power outage.

You’ve tripped a circuit breaker

The circuit breakers in your home are there to guard against an energy-current overload or a short circuit. They exist to prevent damage to your home’s electrical grid in case there’s a fault in the system or there’s too much current flowing through.

This can pose problems for air-conditioning units because they use a great deal of power and are forced to work incredibly hard during the sizzling summer months. Not helping matters is that, on hot days, everyone in the neighborhood is likely blasting their air conditioning at the same level at the same time.

This can trip a circuit breaker, and the power may be cut to your home. You can check the electrical panel to see if any breakers were tripped, reset them and try turning on your air conditioning again. If the breaker trips again, you should call on professionals for assistance.

Disconnected from the thermostat

Your thermostat is the device that dictates the temperature in your home. You can set it to heat and cool your home to reach specifically desired temperatures. But if there’s no connection from your thermostat to your air conditioner, then neither device is going to function properly.

Your first order of business should be checking the thermostat’s batteries and replacing them if they’re worn out. Second, you should check and make sure that your thermostat is set to “cool”; this ensures that you’re using the air conditioning. If neither tip here solves your issue, you’ll want to call a professional.

Call for a consultation today

Now that you know the connection between air conditioning failure and electricity, as well as some power issues that cause AC failure, give us a call at Eavenson Electric Co. We’re the experts with over 30 years of industry experience, and we’d be happy to assist you with any electrical services that you require.

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