What Is a Smart Ceiling Fan, and How Does It Work?

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Ceiling fans play an important role in circulating the air in your home, helping you maintain a comfortable temperature for you and your family. While many homeowners are already familiar with smart technology in the home, in particular smart thermostats, lighting and sound systems, smart fans can add another layer of convenience and comfort to your everyday life. Here are some of the basics about smart ceiling fans so you can determine if smart ceiling fan installation is right for you.

What are smart ceiling fans?

Smart ceiling fans are similar to regular fans, providing a cool breeze that lowers the temperature of any room of the house. They’re equipped with technology that helps them detect ambient temperature, making it easy for you to control the climate in your home. There are several convenient ways to control a smart ceiling fan, including:

  • Voice control: Whether you use Alexa, Google Home or another wi-fi enabled assistant, a simple call can turn your fan on or off.
  • Wall switch: A special Z-wave wall switch can control a smart fan’s operation.
  • Smartphone app: This convenient option allows you to control your fan from anywhere, whether you’re out in the backyard, at work or anywhere else.
  • Temperature and humidity sensors: Smart fans equipped with temperature and humidity sensors turn on and off according to preprogrammed settings.

How do smart ceiling fans work?

A smart ceiling fan operates the same way a traditional ceiling fan does, except it’s equipped with technology that allows it to know the exact air temperature of the space it’s cooling. All you have to do is program a preset temperature and the fan knows when to operate and when to remain at rest. If you already have a smart thermostat in your home, you can integrate your smart fan to it to ensure every part of your cooling system is completely linked. You can also program the fan to turn on at a certain time of the day.

Smart fans take home convenience to a new level. If you’d rather manually turn the fan on and off, rather than programming it to operate at certain temperatures or times, you can control the fan with the touch of a button from any wi-fi enabled device.

Do I need to install a completely new fan to take advantage of smart technology?

If you want to keep your existing fan but want to turn it into a smart fan, there are some devices that enable conversion. It typically requires hardwiring a small device inside your fan or replacing your switch with one that can be controlled wirelessly. It’s often cheaper and easier to rely on the professionals for smart ceiling fan installation rather than attempting to convert your current fan on your own.

There are many advantages to adding smart technology throughout your home. Smart ceiling fans in particular offer complete convenience for homeowners, and they reduce your utility bills, too. Always rely on the professionals, like those at Eavenson Electric Co., for smart ceiling fan installation to ensure you get the most from this modern upgrade. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment!

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