How to Buy USB Outlets

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USB outlets are a great addition to any home. They are convenient, usually charge your devices faster and offer much more versatility than traditional outlets. If you’re interested in adding USB outlets, it’s important to invest in top-quality products.

Be sure to do your research on any outlets that you’re considering, and avoid going with a suspiciously-cheap option. Be sure to have a professional take care of any USB wall outlet installations for you.

Read on for more tips on finding the best USB outlets:

  • Go with certified products: When shopping for USB outlets, always go with products that are UL certified, which means the products have been tested by UL (Underwriter Laboratories). To receive UL certification, a product must meet all the organization’s requirements for safety. Any product you purchase should also be NEC (National Electric Code) compliant.
  • Consider sliding shutters: Sliding shutters are a great feature included on many types of USB outlets. These shutters help prevent pet hair, dirt and other contaminants from getting into the outlet and possibly damaging it.
  • Pay attention to size: If you plan on replacing your old outlets with new USB ones, be sure they are similar in size. This will usually make your new outlets much easier to install.
  • Look at the amperage: Outlets with a higher amperage will charge your devices faster. There are several different amperage options from which to choose, including 1.0A/2.0A, 3.0A/3.1A, 4.0A and 4.8A. The amperage you should get all depends on your exact needs and wants.
  • Think about where you’ll put it: If you plan on installing them in your home office, it might be best to go with outlets that combine 120-volt outlets with two or more USB ports. Some USB outlets only feature two USB ports, and while these are great to install next to your bed, they can be inconvenient if you plan on plugging in certain devices. Products that combine 120-volt outlets and USB ports are usually the better option if you have a desktop computer and printer to plug in along with your phone or tablet.
  • Look at reviews: While it’s always good to take reviews with a grain of salt, they can sometimes offer good insight into a product. Check the reviews on any product you’re considering, and look for any specific problems customers had while using it.
  • Listen to your electrician: A professional electrician is usually going to offer the best advice when it comes to choosing outlets. Discuss your exact needs and wants with a reputable electrician in your area. They are sure to point you in the right direction of a top-quality and fairly-priced outlet.

Installing USB outlets

If you’ve purchased some new USB outlets, it’s smart to contact a professional to complete your USB wall outlet installation. You should never try to work with electricity on your own. This could result in major injury and even death. Working with a professional electrician will also ensure that your outlets are installed correctly. For all your electrical work needs, contact the experts at Eavenson Electric Co. today.

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