Understanding Level 1 and Level 2 Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

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If you currently own an electric car or you’re looking to buy one, perhaps the most important consideration is how you’ll charge the car. Owning an electric car is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for drivers. That said, your car won’t be worth much of anything if you don’t have a consistent way to charge it. If you’re wondering about using an electric car charging station, read on for some basic information.

Electric charging station levels

There are two basic types of car charging systems. One is the level 1 charger you use at home, which is provided by the manufacturer when you buy the car. Then there are level 2 chargers, which are considered an upgrade over level 1.

Level 2 charging systems utilize an electric current either from an outlet or from a hardwire unit to the car using a connecter that’s similar to any other charger. A level 2 electric car charger requires a 208-240 volt 40-amp circuit. The level 1 charger delivers 1.4 kW to the car, whereas a level 2 can provide 7.6 kW.

Major differences between charging levels

The bottom line is that a level 2 charger is a faster, more reliable way to deliver power to the vehicle. A level 1 charger offers about 4 miles of driving range per hour compared to a level 2, which offers 32 miles of driving range per hour. A level 2 charger only takes 3 to 8 hours for a complete charge, compared to 11 to 20 hours for a level 1 charger.

However, a level 2 charger requires a 240-volt outlet. Fortunately, many newer homes and multi-unit homes already include these, as they’re required by code. Also, if you don’t currently have a 240-volt outlet, a licensed electrician can install one. The cost of this may be offset via rebates from local, state or federal governments or from utility companies.

Using a level 2 charger means you can work with local utilities to have better control over charging. This leads to less overall cost and could make you eligible for even more financial incentives.

Level 3/DC charging

There is one more level of charging an electric vehicle worth mentioning: level 3. Also known as DC fast charging stations, these high-powered units are capable of providing a full charge in under an hour. Due to the amount of electricity required and the expense of installation, you’ll typically only find these in high-traffic areas like on the highways or near shopping malls. These stations are a great option for electric vehicle owners who are on a road trip and need a charge along the way.

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