The Importance of Surge Protectors for Your Electrical System

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Electricians recommend homeowners and business owners use surge protectors to ensure better electrical safety. These include whole-home surge protectors as well as single-outlet or strip surge protectors.

A whole-building surge protector protects the entire building, while an outlet or strip surge protector only protects the items plugged into that outlet or strip.

What makes it so critical to use surge protectors in your home? Here’s a closer look at some of the issues you’ll need to consider.

Surge protectors play a critical role in protecting your devices

Electronic devices play a more critical role in our lives than ever before. To protect your investment in those devices, you should use surge protectors to keep them safe.

Surge protectors will protect anything plugged into the protected outlet, such as a television, computer, cell phone or tablet plugged into a charger.

A surge protector is designed to protect against power surges by absorbing the increased power instead of transferring it to items that are plugged into your outlets. This means if you have a surge of electricity shoot through your system, your plugged-in items will be protected against the potential damage caused by this sudden, unexpected burst of electrical energy.

If you don’t have a whole-home surge protector, you can purchase strip or outlet surge protectors, which are easy to install. All you need to do is plug them into an existing outlet. A whole-home surge protector requires the service of a professional electrician to safely and effectively install.

Surge protectors help protect your electrical system

It’s not just your devices that benefit from the use of surge protectors—your entire electrical system also sees some of the benefits, but only if you use a whole-building or whole-home surge protector.

Unexpected power surges could damage your building’s electrical system, including irreparably harming fuses or circuits. This might occur as a result of lightning strikes or power outages, both of which can lead to unexpected surges of power. A whole-home surge protector absorbs that surge, preventing damage to the building’s electrical system.

The potential damage to fuses or circuits can be expensive to repair, especially if the problem affects the entire electrical panel. At the very least, you would need to call out a professional electrician to inspect the problem. Extensive damage could result in some significant costs that would have been avoidable with the use of a surge protector.

Interested in learning more about surge protector uses and whether you should purchase single-outlet, strip or whole-home surge protectors for your home or building? We encourage you to get in touch with our team of trusted electricians at Eavenson Electric Co. today with any questions you have. We will be pleased to provide you with more information about your options and some of the biggest reasons and benefits for installing a surge protector in your home.

Don’t take your electrical safety for granted. Investigate surge protectors as an option for your home or business to stay safe and preserve your electrical system and devices.

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