How To Fix Flickering Lights in Your House

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While flickering lights may be great when you’re in a haunted house, you don’t want to deal with them in your home. After all, this is a sign that you are potentially dealing with an electrical issue.

Generally, one light flickering may be from a loose light bulb. Simple, right? However, if your whole house is flickering, it is most likely a residential electrical wiring issue. This is serious for many reasons, including the fact that it increases the risk of an electrical fire occurring.

Loose or Incompatible Light Bulb

When dealing with flickering lights, your first step should be to check the light bulb. It may have become loose over time and needs to be tightened up.

Alternatively, if you have fluorescent bulbs in the house, they are known to flicker every now and then. In other words, there isn’t much cause for concern at this point. Now, if you have LED light bulbs, the flickering may be related to a dimmer switch. In many cases, the bulbs and dimmer switch just aren’t compatible, since dimmers are designed to handle high electrical loads, and LEDs are low-voltage.

Loose Plug or Faulty Switch

Connections matter a lot, and if one is loose or if there is a fault somewhere, your lights may flicker. Let’s say your lamp is flickering. Unplug it, inspect and adjust the prongs, and then plug the cord back in. In many cases, this is the culprit, which means that a more secure fit was necessary.

Now, you could be dealing with a faulty switch. Gently wiggle the switch and see if a flicker occurs. If it does, then it simply needs to be replaced for the flickering to stop.

Old or Outdated Wiring and/or Components

One of the main causes of household fires is that electrical wiring is old and outdated. If you have noticed that the light flickering is getting worse with no obvious reason, it could be the result of loose or old wiring.

When there is any kind of loose wire or connection within the home’s electrical system, whether it is the breaker box or the components within the breaker box, it is a serious fire hazard because it may arc or overheat. Whatever the case may be, you need the help of a residential electrical professional who can identify the cause and fix the problem.

Putting a Stop to the Light Flickering

To stop your lights from flickering, you must identify the cause. If you need help with this, contact our professional team to schedule an inspection regarding your residential electrical repair lightbulbs flickering. 

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