Common Electrical Shock Causes

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Electrical shocks are more common than you might imagine. Though you want to do everything you can to prevent it, sometimes it is unavoidable. If you find yourself wondering, “Why do I get shocked when I plug something in?” taking the time to find out what some common causes of shocks are and how to avoid them can make a big difference.

Common Causes of Electrical Shock

The first most common causes of electrical shocks are faulty outlets or switches. Electrical repair service calls reveal common sources of shocks may point to a faulty switch. These faulty switches and outlets can spark because of fraying wire, loose plates, or loose wires.

Another common cause of shocks is outdated outlets. Outlets that are old or those with no ground wire are more likely to shock you than those outlets that have been updated with a ground wire. The ground wire helps to ground the electricity if something goes wrong with the outlet so that it does not shock the person using the outlet.

You may also have faulty appliances. These can cause shocks as they will not be able to conduct electricity safely and efficiently. You may have also touched electrified water, as water is an excellent conductor of electricity. This means that if you touch water that has been electrified, you may very well get a nasty shock.

The last common cause of shocks comes from not being responsible with electricity (using appliances near water or with the wrong kind of extension cords, etc). These are all common causes, and you may not be able to pinpoint the issue right off. Taking the time to know what might be causing your shocks can help you avoid being shocked.

Electrical Repair Service Calls

The first thing you should do if you feel that you have an electrical issue is to call a professional. They will find the issue, figure out what caused the electrical shock, and help you remedy the problem. Being shocked when you plug something in can be not only annoying but it can also be painful and cause lasting damage.

Electricity is a very powerful force. You need to ensure that you take the time to work on your electrical issues so that your home is safe for you and so that there are no issues that your home might catch fire or that someone might get injured. Electricity can be very dangerous. With the help of an electrical repair service, you can get your home electrical worked out and ensure that you are going to be safe when you plug something in or try to use your electricity in your home.

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