Possible Causes of a Blown Fuse

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Many people have probably experienced a blown fuse at some time. Typically, it is an easy fix, and many people are already sure of what to do when this occurs. Blown fuses are also a common occurrence and can be due to a variety of reasons. Unless you are an electrician, you probably haven’t thought about the possible reasons for your blown fuse. Understanding possible causes can potentially help you in the long run, especially if these are frequent occurrences.

An Overloaded Circuit

You should easily be able to spot the issue in this type of common occurrence. You can look for an individual appliance or for the outlet that is being heavily used. Imagine a power strip with a plugin for every single outlet it has. If everything plugged into a power strip uses up a lot of energy, this can potentially be the cause of your blown fuse.

The best way to fix this is to cut back on the plugins in a single power strip. Instead, find outlets on other circuits that you can use. If this issue still continues even after making adjustments, you should consider hiring a residential electrical repair company for a blown fuse repair.

A Short Circuit

A short circuit is considered an electrical fault. Most faults happen when an electrical current goes beyond the path it is intended to. This may be due to a lack of resistance from a circuit breaker or insulation.

The end result is a weak connection between the conductors contributing energy to the circuit. This can cause an uncontrolled flow in the power source. Wires that are overloaded will cause damage. A short circuit can even result in the destruction of the electrical device responsible.

A quick fix is to make sure that the faulty device is not plugged in and there is no present outlet damage. If you do notice damage, you should contact an electrician immediately.

Wrong Fuse Installed

There are various sizes and shapes of fuses. Some may look similar in appearance but don’t function the same. If the wrong fuse has been installed in the panel, it can result in significant harm or property damage. If this sounds like your case, you should contact an electrician right away.

Your electrician will get rid of the current fuse panel. Incorrect fuses can cause considerable harm.


Even though these are just a few things that can cause a fuse to blow, there are several other causes as well. However, it is good to know what the cause can be the next time this happens in your home. The best way to avoid an issue is to install a new fuse box if your current fuse box is old. Additionally, you may want to consider having an electrical inspection completed on your home if you haven’t done so in quite some time.


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