Do Electricians Get Electrocuted Often?

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We have all heard about electricians getting electrocuted in their line of duty — and the incident is quite awful.

But the query remains, how often does electrocution happen?

While we’d wish that electricians weren’t electrocuted at all, that might not be the case! Electrocution accounts for 12% of all workplace deaths, and electric exposure is still the main cause of death among construction workers.

What Do Statistics Say About Electrician Electrocution?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Washington DC, estimates approximately 350 electrical fatalities per year — roughly one fatality per day.

OSHA states that occurrences of common injuries increase with the increase in the scope of work done by a typical contractor and the workforce’s age.

In addition, data from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Atlanta, indicates that electrocution is the third-leading cause of death among 16 to 17 years old workers

Chris Marquardt, a field superintendent and safety director at Lemberg, also quoted that more than 30,000 non-fatal electrical shock mishaps are occurring each year, a lot of them going unreported!

How Are Electricians Electrocuted?

Electrocution kills approximately 143 construction workers every year. Working near or with live wires without using proper safety procedures is the main concern for electrician safety hazards.

More than half of electricians suffer electrocutions due to direct or indirect contact with live wiring or electrical equipment such as circuit breakers, lighting fixtures, junction boxes, control panels, and transformers.

When dealing with high voltage, other common injuries are caused when an electrical contractor comes in contact with underground or overhead electrical lines.

In other words, accidents can be prevented with proper lockout and following de-energizing procedures.

Where Does The Danger Of Electrocution Begin?

Several factors cause common injuries, such as electrocution. This includes failure to address known dangers or remind workers about the hazards, not following on-site written safety plans, or the worker’s general belief that accidents can’t happen to them.

There’s also an attitude among electricians that it’s expected to work on electrical appliances because that’s the nature of the job or the customer needs to avoid downtime and maintain production.

Many times, injuries occur because electrical workers believe they’ll be helping the company or customer by taking shortcuts in the name of efficacy — like not wearing safety gear, working on live wires, etc.

Of course, this is a fallacy; more often than not, the shortcut becomes a lost-time event with injury, property damage, or even death.

Preventing Mishaps of Electrocution

Some essential injury prevention methods are also the simplest and most obvious. They include:

  • Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Training electrician employees on electrical safety
  • Practicing a safety-cautious culture
  • Proper de-energizing or insulation of overhead and underground power lines
  • Only allowing operations on live wires by specific procedures
  • Developing safety programs

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