Arizona Summer Energy Saving Tips

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It is virtually impossible to make it through an Arizona summer without using air conditioning. Your home’s HVAC system generally accounts for the greatest amount of electrical power usage during the summer. So it’s the first place to look when you want to reduce power usage.

You can help make your AC system more efficient by opening all the AC vents inside your home. Open vents enable the AC system to equalize pressure throughout your home and run more efficiently than when some vents are closed. A more efficient AC system uses less energy while making your home more comfortable.

Ceiling fans enable more efficient cooling by circulating the cooler air from an AC system in occupied rooms. If you have no ceiling fans, you could install a couple to make your home cooler. If you have ceiling fans, check them and make sure they are working properly and helping to keep your home comfortable during hot weather.

You can make the AC system’s job easier by venting the heat from your home’s attic. A solar-powered attic fan can help remove the hot air that rises and becomes trapped inside your attic. The vent fan prevents the heat from cascading down into your home’s living space.

Shade Naturally Cools Your Home

Few things naturally cool homes better than shade from a tall tree. Arizona has many species of trees that hold up well in the hot and dry summers and benefit from sometimes heavy rains during the monsoon season. If you can afford to plant some tall palm trees or other trees that hold up well in dry and hot weather, you can reduce the number of times the AC system runs during the summer months.

You also could add shade screens to the windows that greatly reduce the amount of sunlight and greenhouse effect inside your home. Shutters that you can close could also help reduce the greenhouse effect and make your home cooler on the inside while reducing your electrical usage.

Reducing Your Home’s Electrical Draw

A low-cost solar tube installation in the family room, kitchen, and bedrooms can help illuminate the dark while greatly reducing the need for traditional electrical power sources. The solar tube runs off of solar power that is collected and stored. 

An electronic load controller monitors power usage and adjusts which electrical appliances and other items receive power. The idea is to reduce or stop the electrical flow to items that are not in use but could drain even a small amount of electricity while sitting idle. Installing several electronic load controllers could help reduce your need for electricity.

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