Tips for Troubleshooting a Pool’s Electric Circuits

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Owning a pool is an exciting experience and one that can provide many fun nights for you and your family. However, your pool electrical circuits may fail or start struggling for no particular reason. Before calling an electrician, you can take a few steps to protect yourself. These simple troubleshooting steps can help minimize your repair costs and protect you from any electrical issues that could threaten your pool’s safety for yourself and your family.

Flickering Lights

Flickering bulbs in your pool could be caused by looseness in the socket that could be potentially dangerous if left unfixed. It may also be caused by failing bulbs, depending on the situation. Tighten the bulbs in the socket if they continue to flicker or replace the socket if tightening the bulbs doesn’t help. You can typically find replacements at a local pool shop for fair prices. Most pool owners should be able to replace bulbs themselves without expert help.

Burning-Out Bulbs

If your underwater bulbs start burning out regularly, there’s a real chance that pool chemicals may be getting into the fixture and eating away at the cords. This problem typically occurs if the fixture isn’t properly sealed and water is allowed to get into the unit. You may need to fully replace the whole element to avoid this issue and minimize serious damage to your pool’s electrical items. These replacement items usually come with instructions that streamline this process.

Failing Automation

Pool automation is important in keeping your unit running and helps handle things like pH levels and chemical balances. However, your automation may start failing and cause problems with your pumps, motors, and much more. Loose connections and blown fuses may cause many of these problems, as can incorrect voltage and much more. Working with a professional is important here, though some pool owners may feel comfortable replacing these units.

Smoking Circuits

If you notice any smoke coming from your pool’s circuits, there is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. The problem is typically caused by an electrical overload that may be worsened by weaker circuits and fuses. Getting a professional to come to your pool right away is important to manage this problem. Trying to fix the many issues that may be causing this problem is unsafe to do by yourself. For example, you might experience severe electrical shock if you aren’t careful.

You Got This!

If you’re concerned that your pool electrical circuits are failing and you aren’t sure what to do, it is vital to reach out to an electrician right away to get help. Doing so can minimize any dangers and ensure that your pool runs as effectively as possible. At Eavenson Electric Co., we can help you! Call us at (480) 296-0721 to learn more about the different options available to you. We’ll come to your home, diagnose the problem, and provide a fairly priced repair solution.

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