Why It’s a Good Idea to Have a Generator

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It is a good idea for every household to have a generator. Additionally, it is a good idea to have an electrician install it for you. Power outages can happen unexpectedly as a result of inclement weather and extreme winds. The bad news is that, if you don’t have a generator, it can take days to have service restored. Read further to find out more about using a portable generator.

Benefits of Installing a Generator

If you are considering generator installation, here are some of the reasons you should take the plunge.

Food Can Quickly Spoil

What will happen to all of your food in your fridge if your power unexpectedly goes out? If you don’t have a generator, your food can go bad quickly. You should consider having a generator installed so you don’t lose out on money from a fully stocked fridge. Perishable foods only last up to four hours following a power outage. But, with the help of a generator, you won’t have to throw away or waste any of your good food items.

Electric Vehicles

If you drive an electric vehicle, your only hope is a generator if your power goes out. Without a generator, you can be left completely stranded if you own an electric vehicle, especially if you depend on your car for work, etc. What if you need to rush to the emergency room? Or what if you need something from the grocery store and can’t wait? In these circumstances, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

You Are a DIYer

If you are a die-hard DIYer and use a lot of power tools including drills, etc., you will need to ensure you have a backup generator so you can continue these projects in the event of a power outage. What if you are on the brink of installing a new fence and your extension cord doesn’t reach the power outlet? This type of situation requires another quick fix. A generator will allow you to plug your power tools and complete your project instead of relying on batteries or the need to recharge them.

 Depending on Well Water

If your household relies on electric pumps to move water out of the wells and into your homes, you could have a problem if the electricity cuts off. Having a portable generator can turn things around for the good. You can easily plug the well pump into the generator and keep the water flowing even in the midst of a power outage.

Reside in a Fire-Risk Location

Utility companies are known to cut the power off in areas that are wooded and don’t receive a lot of water, only if they are located in a high fire-risk area. But having a generator on hand will enable you to keep power running even if the utility company shuts it off.

Other reasons to consider investing in a home generator include:

  • You work from home.
  • You enjoy camping.
  • You depend on electric medical equipment for health conditions.

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