What To Expect From a Home Electrical Inspection

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When you schedule a home electrical inspection, you might wonder what you can expect to happen during it. If you’ve never had an electrical inspection conducted by an electrician, it may seem like a mystery. In this article, we’ll cover what to expect as a home electrical inspection unfolds so that you can be prepared for this common experience that most homeowners go through at some point. 

Types of Inspections

When it comes to electrical inspections, there are two types of electrical inspections: home electrical inspections and proper electrical inspections. Proper electrical inspections involve following a strict procedure outlined in the NEC, also known as the National Electrical Code. On the other hand, home electrical inspections are simply an extensive, detailed review of your entire electrical system on your property by an electrical professional. Home electrical inspections tend to be thorough, but they are not as regimented as the proper electrical inspections.

Why Get an Inspection

There are many reasons why you may want or need to have a home electrical inspection. Firstly, your home may be due for an inspection and require it for one reason or another from an agency or entity. Secondly, you may be selling your home or buying a new one and want a home electrical inspection conducted before the property switches hands. Beyond these reasons, there are plenty of other times when a home electrical inspection can be useful. If you suspect there may be an issue with your electrical system, it’s important to schedule an inspection.

The Inspection Process

During a home electrical inspection, the professional will conduct a walk-through and evaluation of all parts of the electrical system. From the wires to the circuits to the outlet panels to the service panels to the electrical meter, the professional will look at every single part of the electrical system, no matter how large or small it may be. During the inspection, a certified electrician will ensure that the home has the proper number of circuits based on the electricity demands of the property. They will also evaluate the safety of the wires and the connectivity of the outlets, as well as the outlets’ temperature. 

While conducting the inspection, the electrician will see how the parts look. They will also ensure that the components of the electrical system all function safely. The inspection rates each part of the electricity system on a pass-or-fail basis. When an item on the inspector’s list “passes,” it succeeds in meeting the safety code set in place by the National Electrical Code. If an item on the list “fails,” this means that the specific item does not.

In short, a home electrical inspection involves a certified electrician coming into your home and checking all aspects of your electrical system. This kind of inspection has fewer formal standards than a proper inspection. Still, keeping your home and family safe is an important part.


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