When Should I Perform Maintenance On My Circuit Breaker?

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Circuit breakers are designed to protect equipment and workers from a variety of power conditions including short circuits, surges, overloaded circuits and more. They can also be used as fault protection to automatically trip if an electrical short or overload occurs. It is vital to always ensure your circuit breaker is functioning properly. If not, it can cause serious issues and could even lead to a fire. 

Poor appliance performance, like your washing machine taking longer to run, your oven preheating more slowly, or the dishwasher being unable to wash dishes as fast as it used to, is a clear indication that something needs to be done to the circuit breaker. It is also a sign that your appliances are using more energy than usual, which can drive up your bills. This happens because electricity is delivered over a range of voltages, with some appliances being more sensitive than others. Voltage fluctuations can happen when lightning strikes, when the electrical utility supplies less energy than expected, or when too many appliances are hooked up to a single circuit. This causes a circuit overload and may even cause the circuit breaker to trip repeatedly. 

During the hot summer months, circuit breakers can become overheated. This is a common problem and can indicate the need for maintenance. Overheating can occur for several reasons, but it is most likely related to a loose connection or excessive current. Loose connections can increase the electrical resistance, causing heat to build up and cause your circuit breaker to trip. Another reason your circuit breaker may overheat is because it is located in an area where the air temperature is higher than it should be. This can cause the bimetallic strip on your circuit breaker to flex and hit a contact. This can lead to your breaker tripping even if there is no excess electricity being generated. 

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